Welcome to TSO OpenUpLabs

This site provides an area for TSO to showcase work that is new, being trialled, or hasn't yet been released as an official product or service.

Details about our official OpenUp products and services can be found at our main OpenUp site.

What You Can Find on This Site

We already have several datasets in place and you can find out more about those on the Datasets page. To access that data you can either use the APIs that we have created or, if SPARQL access is your thing, you can query endpoints.

Please note that things on this site are most likely to be temporary in nature. We make no guarantees about how long something will be supported. We endeavour to make everything on here work correctly for as long as it is here though. Please read the terms and conditions for more information.

Latest Changes and Additions to the Site

17 September 2012

  • Release of Flint 1.0

23 March 2012

  • Added Gazettes WW1 dataset