Using the Geo API

The geo API can be used to retrieve details about the local authority and voting regions of Great Britain.

Included in this data are the names, census code and area in hectares of the region.

A detailed reference for the API can be found at

Data can be retrieved in following ways. To access information about a particular local authority or voting region, use the item endpoint and specify the identifier. If you want a list of local authorities or voting regions, use one of the provided list endpoints

Following link gives a complete list of Electoral Regions

To find a specific region in certain electoral region, you could proceed as follows

A list of all named places can be retrieved as follows,

You can get a list of all those named places with feature type City

To find some city you could use following pattern:

Electrol Region's information could be retrieved by using {identifiers} as follows.

You Could retrieve the information as below by using where clause. spatialrelations:contains ?namedPlace . ?namedPlace foaf:name 'Downham Old Town' ..