Flint SPARQL Editor

Welcome to Flint, our editor for SPARQL queries.


Flint 1.0 is now available. This is our first production release. This version supersedes Flint 0.5.1 which was released June 2011.

Flint has the following features:

Flint should work in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Unfortunately Internet Explorer can causes problems. It can work successfully on IE (>8), dependent upon compatibility settings, but the features which depend on background queries to the endpoint (e.g. to obtain list of possible properties in the dataset) will not work.

Getting the Code

Flint has been released with an open license for deployment on your own site. Source code and downloads can be found at Github


If you have comments, suggestions or bug reports please send them to flintsparqleditor@tso.co.uk

And you can follow Flint on Twitter at @FlintSparql


Flint makes use of the excellent CodeMirror.