OpenUp ClientOpenUp Client

The OpenUp Client makes use of several features of OpenUp that we're working on, including the Data Enrichment Service (DES) and the RDF store. We wanted to experiment with things like web page extraction, what CORS can give you and performance of an application such as this. So, for now, it is just an experiment!

The client is a bookmarklet that can be executed against any web page. The contents of the page is sent to the DES and information is extracted from the document. The client then displays these things and allows you to click on them to find out more information.

As we add more information into our RDF store we'll be able to start mashing together the content in more sophisticated ways thereby allowing the client to do even more exciting things.

It's still very, very early days but feel free to have a play. Simply drag the link below onto your bookmarks bar and then click on it when you've loaded a web page.

OpenUp Client

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

The client makes use of CORS, allowing data to be posted to the DES. Currently Firefox, Chrome and Safari work well for this and the client should work happily in those browsers. Unfortunately IE8 causes problems so we're not supporting that at the moment. We haven't tried IE9 yet.

We're aware of the security issues of sending data across the web and it's something we'll be looking into more in later versions. For now we would strongly suggest that you don't try out the Client on any page that contains personal or sensitive information.


If you have any feedback or suggestions please send it to Landong Zuo.